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re: Trial Guidelines-APPLICANTS MUST READ

The below is a set of guidelines trials should keep in mind for passing their trial, and what being a part of <Titan> means. Ignorance of this thread’s rules is not an excuse so you’ll just be looked down upon even more when/if you say “I didn’t know that!”

This thread’s sole purpose is that when trials don't understand something, it's solely their fault

1) All applicants should apply for forum access after they are accepted for a trial. After you have been granted forum access you should go to the “Out of game contact info” thread located in the “Titan Talk” forum, and post a phone number or some means we can reach you for when we need to get a hold of you. This is mandatory so don’t whine about it. If you show up on time, or post out of raid we won’t have to use it so just don’t fuck it up.

2) If you are going to miss a raid you are expected to alert the raid so we know. This is so that we don’t sit on our butts wondering if you’ll be on or not.
    a. We operate on a two strike policy for attendance during your trial period. Failure to show up without warning results in a strike. Failure to show up without warning again is strike two, and your trial is over.

    b. The above may seem harsh. We get that this is a game, but we are also a heroic raiding guild on a limited schedule. Don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours. It is flat out disrespectful to not show up to raid without any sort of warning. We trialed you because we thought you could be of use while having fun with us. This isn’t possible if you don’t show up to raid.

    c. Excuses of “I didn’t have the time to contact anyone” aren’t acceptable. The mobile guild chat app for the phone is free. Internet access to communicate isn’t hard to acquire. We understand there may be rare circumstances where you can do nothing, and we will judge accordingly, but you will not get off scot-free.

    d. If you wish you can request an officer’s number so you can text them in case you can’t get internet access.

    e. Trials that post out of raid frequently may also be failed. This will be based on our judgment. You simply can’t pass your trial if you aren’t here. Coincidentally, people who call up work claiming they’re sick all the time also get fired.

    f. Trial periods are usually about four weeks, which we know is longer than most. We reserve the right to extend the trial, or even shorten it in cases when we feel necessary.

3) Passing your trial (or not) is dependent on three main factors.
    a. Raid awareness- Don’t make us hold your hand. Come prepared for boss fights you are unfamiliar with (watch boss videos in other words to get a feel), and be aware of your surroundings on the boss fight. If you are new to a boss fight we have on farm we don’t expect you to play at our level, but failing because you simply don’t understand the fight will reflect negatively. If you have questions then ask them! Don’t not ask questions on the fear of being looked down upon while praying you don’t have to worry about it.

    b. Attitude- We’re a heroic raiding guild which means we constantly push progression, and that means we’re going to eat a lot of dirt. Have a good attitude towards this, and raiding in general. Be open to criticism that you may receive for whatever reason, and don’t be defensive. If we’re willing to work with you it’s probably a good thing.

    c. Not being a meter padder- We are a heroic raiding guild. Not a cutting edge raiding guild. There is a difference. Cutting edge raiding guilds require a high level of attention to mechanics while pulling extremely stellar DPS numbers. We do not require the latter, just competitive/good numbers. You will pass your trial if you follow mechanics, and worry about topping the charts second. You will NOT pass your trial because you ranked on a fight while taking a gross amount of avoidable damage. You will just be ridiculed for it in the invisible trial discussion forum.

4) All loot is available for rolling as a trial except heroic tier pieces. However, we also reserve the right to award loot to certain players depending on circumstances typically not related to trial performance, but more along the lines of
    a. Paladin healers are OP for the next progression fight so we’re going to give him the uber weapon.

    b. Super rare item is super rare and our core player has been looking for it since we started.

    c. This item is broken for class X (in a good way), and you’re class Y.

    d. Other similar situations. We intend to be fair with loot distribution, and giving loot to a player other than the highest roller is usually done because of common sense, discussion, and not strictly through dictatorship.

5) When our roster is greater than 10 people and we are working on a progression boss we will always select the best possible raid composition. This means your priority as a trial does not matter in neither a good nor bad way. If your class is good for the progression fight this is the time to show you're worth it. If your class is bad for the progression fight then don't take it personal.
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