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re: Lodern 530 Fire Mage

Character name: Lodern

Character class/spec: Mage / Fire

Please provide an Armory link (Make sure to be in your main spec and have your best gear equipped!):

Why do you want to join <Titan>?: Help kill bosses

What qualities make you a good raider?: Always do research on fights, have all my consumables for raid, logged on well before raid time

What is your offspec, and can you play it well?: Arcane, play it as well as fire. Arcane is better for planned bursts (Ra-Den)

What is your raid experience thus far in Mists of Pandaria? Any notable experience in Vanilla/BC/WotLK/Cata?: 4/6H MSV 1/6H HoF 4/4ToES 2/13H ToT. I just started raiding in cata but cleared hard mode DS while still current.

As a Titan raider, you are expected to be prepared and knowledgeable of your class. Tell us about your gem choices, enchant choices, how you prepare for raids, etc.: Gem for crit reforge crit>haste to soft cap>mastery>haste

Please provide a recent WWS/WoL/WMO parse from a 10-man raid you attended. If you do not have one available it is highly suggested to run LFR and run WoL. Failure to supply a log does not disqualify you, but is a big red check against you: these are when my toons name was Ghasper. Team fell apart due to roster changes and retirements.

these are a couple that I ran during some LFR's recently

Are you able to regularly make ALL of our raid nights? (Currently, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 9pm - 12:00am EST): these days and times are perfect

How would you describe your computer? What sort of internet connection do you have? Do you experience disconnects in any fights: I play on a overrated Alienware, i have the money and like the logo. My internet is solid and can't remember the last time i have been disconnected.

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your raid UI along with any explanation you deem necessary:

I run elvui, big wigs, extracd's, tellmewhen, weakauras.

Do you have any significant alts? Please list them with armory links if so: not any i feel comfortable raiding with.

Do you understand that all raid members will be on standby periodically when group composition or numbers dictate?: Yes I do and fully understand that.

Have you read the Trial guidelines?: yes

How did you hear about <Titan>?: Wowprogress

Tell us a little something about yourself. (For example, age, location, occupation, etc):
38 years old, male, southern Minnesota, work for a company that builds windows for large scale office buildings ie World Trade Center, most of Vegas.

Do you know, by heart, the phone numbers of the 3 closest Pizza Huts in your calling area, or at least have them on speed dial? Well?! Do you?!: Who needs a phone number when you can order over the internet? And I only have one close 507.334.8998
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re: Lodern 530 Fire Mage

Thank you for apping! We'll be looking for this for a few days, but do not fear and be patient. I will get back to you personally with a decision either in game or via in game mail.
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