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re: Montreser - 539 2H Frost DK

Character name: Montreser
These are the best ways to contact me.

Character class/spec: Death Knight / 2H Frost

Please provide an Armory link (Make sure to be in your main spec and have your best gear equipped!):
Armory and WoW Heros. I always prefered applications that provided bloth.

Why do you want to join <Titan>?:
I am interested for a number of reasons, For starters I am GM of my current guild and am growing quite tired of leadership, My server is low pop which is sort of a drag. I have a RL friend in your guild so i hear a lot about you guys and how you operate and it sounds very appealing. The progression thing is pretty cool as well.

What qualities make you a good raider?:
Attitude and feet. I can wipe all night long and you wont hear me complain. I am 100% the guy who will forsake dps to avoid standing in the poo. I research my toon and the fights. Usually try to stay about 3 fights ahead of what we are working on.

What is your offspec, and can you play it well?:
Unholy, i can play it but greatly prefer frost. I plan on swapping back and forth between 2H and DW this tier. DW is better suited for AoE fights but if i'm instructed to go UH i will do so.

What is your raid experience thus far in Mists of Pandaria? Any notable experience in Vanilla/BC/WotLK/Cata?:
In MoP i was 4/16 then 2/13. Roster issues plagued my team. I feel we should have been at least 5/13 before we spilt. I have been raiding since mid BC, Didn't get involved in HMs until Firelands, went 8/8 HM in DS.

As a Titan raider, you are expected to be prepared and knowledgeable of your class. Tell us about your gem choices, enchant choices, how you prepare for raids, etc.:
Funny you should ask that since i just rebuilt myself last night. 2H frostys are all about crit now pushing haste to least in priority rather than first after hit/exp. All of my gemming and chanting reflect our new priority of hit>exp>crit>mastery>haste. My changes came after this weeks raiding.

Please provide a recent WWS/WoL/WMO parse from a 10-man raid you attended. If you do not have one available it is highly suggested to run LFR and run WoL. Failure to supply a log does not disqualify you, but is a big red check against you:
I do not have a 10 man parse but ill give you my 25 man
As i mentioned earlier, i rebuilt after this weeks raid. A friend of mine insisted that 2H build was the same this tier and that i should not go crit. I listened even in the face what of what i had read. He was wrong, i was right, im now crit built. Also the Nourshen attempts had me going to my orb dps is better than what this shows.

Are you able to regularly make ALL of our raid nights? (Currently, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 9pm - 12:00am EST):
Perfect times.

How would you describe your computer? What sort of internet connection do you have? Do you experience disconnects in any fights:
Cable. Usually sitting around 90 to 110 FPS in an instance. I have not DCed in months.

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your raid UI along with any explanation you deem necessary:
Nothing special. I use elvui, skadda, tell me when, DK dots

Do you have any significant alts? Please list them with armory links if so: Nothing raid ready. I do enjoy my monk a lot and if it were raid ready id love to play WW. I am not too bad at ele shaman but its not raid ready either.

Do you understand that all raid members will be on standby periodically when group composition or numbers dictate?:
I understand completely. Lodern has informed me and id rather sit out some fights than have a raid called because the 10th man of your ten man team had something come up. I will not have an issue sitting a fight or an entire evening if need be.

Have you read the Trial guidelines?: I have

How did you hear about <Titan>?: Lodern

Tell us a little something about yourself. (For example, age, location, occupation, etc):
38 year male, married with a 4 year old demon, i mean daughter. I am a blue collar guy. I enjoy listening to and playing loud music. I enjoy both more when there is beer involved.

Do you know, by heart, the phone numbers of the 3 closest Pizza Huts in your calling area, or at least have them on speed dial? Well?! Do you?!:
I know the number to every pizza hut on the planet. Sometimes for fun i order a pizza from pizza hut and have sent to other pizza huts.
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re: Ele shammy

Might want to take a shot and look at Montresers ele shammy. I can guarantee he will be consistent with good feet and does his homework. Just an option. I would suggest at least getting him in mumble.
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re: Montreser - 539 2H Frost DK

An Ele Shammy!? Tell him to app with that! (crosses fingers that it has a resto OS)
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