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Mumble is an open source VoIP application developed for gaming. It has superior sound quality and latency to many other VoIP applications. There is no 0.5 second lag from frame buffer (Ventrilo) or excessive bandwidth usage (Skype).


Download Mumble here:
(Get the latest stable version)

RUN THE WIZARD the first time you set Mumble up or else it won't work.
When you get to this screen, you may wonder what these options do. They are explained below.

Forum Image

- What "echo cancellation" does: This makes it so that you can use speakers and not create an annoying echo for other players when you talk.

- What "positional audio" does: This "makes players' voices appear relative to other players' positions, but as it accesses WoW's memory, it runs contrary to the Terms of Usage and EULA." So probably don't use it.

- What "attenuate applications while other users talk" does: This auto lowers the volume of all your other applications (in game sound, music, etc.), when someone is talking.

The rest of the wizard is straight forward.

When you get to this screen below, pick the first option.

Forum Image

Server Info

Port: 6490
Username: <Your name>

There is no server password.

Click yes if you get this certificate related message when logging in the first time.

Forum Image

Once you are logged in, I recommend registering yourself so you don't need to worry about entering a password ever again, even if the password changes. Once registered, you can make your own temporary channels as needed inside any permanent channel. Also if you register, no one can pretend to be you, because they can't login without your unique certificate. You may register yourself by right clicking on your name.


Some configuration is highly recommended since default quality settings are low and also to account for slight latency since there is no default frame buffer of 500 ms like in Ventrilo.

Joe and I tested settings and came up with some suggestions. You can also do a test through the server with yourself using the server loopback test in Configure->Settings->Audio Output.

First, navigate to Configure->Settings and check the advanced box in the bottom left.

Next, go to Audio Input. Up the "Quality" and "Audio per packet" to max. Both of these should help if your voice sounds metallic or distorted.

The "Audio per packet" really depends on your connection to the server, I've read many different recommendations. The better your connection is to the server, the lower you can afford to set it. Setting it to max will introduce a slight latency but will improve the quality of your voice when your connection is not ideal.

Forum Image

Next, go to Audio Output. Up default jitter buffer to 20 ms. Maybe increase this more if other people's voices are jittery.

Forum Image

Finally, you may want to check out Overlay. This puts a configurable overlay inside WoW that tells you who is in your mumble channel and who is talking. You need to restart WoW everytime to see any Overlay change you make.

Forum Image

Here is an example of the overlay in action. You can customize avatars for certain people, see who is talking, see who is muted, etc.

Forum Image
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