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re: Bbeast 529 Frost/Uh dk

Character name:

Character class/spec:

Please provide an Armory link (Make sure to be in your main spec and have your best gear equipped!):

Why do you want to join <Titan>?:
I'm returning to heroic proession after a long break and I see that
the team is looking for a Dk DPS.

What qualities make you a good raider?:
I have amazing raid awareness. I do research on the fights prior to attempting them. I bring my own food/flasks. I have a good attitude towards Heroic progression. Also I have previous HM experience.

What is your offspec, and can you play it well?:
My offspec is Unholy. I played unholy all through Cata and can play it really well.

What is your raid experience thus far in Mists of Pandaria? Any notable experience in Vanilla/BC/WotLK/Cata?:
My raid experience in Mop is basically non exsistant until now. My past raid experiences are 10/25man weekly clear of Sarth 3D pre Ulduar, Some hm's in ulduar including FL/Iron Council/ Thorium/ Hodir/ Freya/ Xt and the 4 min kill of that fire guy. All pre Toc. I downed all of HM Toc weekly including Anub pre Icc. HM Icc kills up to sarth. In Cata i only did a few heroics in Bwd/Bot. I stopped doing HM's after that and took a break from raiding for a while 3 months before Mop came out.

As a Titan raider, you are expected to be prepared and knowledgeable of your class. Tell us about your gem choices, enchant choices, how you prepare for raids, etc.:
My gems for now are all haste because im still in mostly 5.3 gear and gemming straight crit or str isn't good until I get close to Bis gear rom SoO where my haste on gear is enough to keep my runes to come off cooldown at a reasonable pace. Once I hit that mark I go straight crit, str, or crit/haste gems. My enchant choices are basically the only ones i can get. Haste on boots is better then the slight movement speed and mastery. I prepare for raids by doing research on all the boss fights prior to attempting pulls and I get my own flasks and food and potions.

Please provide a recent WWS/WoL/WMO parse from a 10-man raid you attended. If you do not have one available it is highly suggested to run LFR and run WoL. Failure to supply a log does not disqualify you, but is a big red check against you:
I don't have one at this time and I actually don't know how to use WoL.

Are you able to regularly make ALL of our raid nights? (Currently, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 9pm - 12:00am EST):
Yes, I can make all of the raid nights.

How would you describe your computer? What sort of internet connection do you have? Do you experience disconnects in any fights:
My computer can run almost anything wow can throw at it. I do not DC ever and my connection is comcast with decent upload/download

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your raid UI along with any explanation you deem necessary:
I just use the normal wow frames. That is what i got used to using all though my raiding. I have tried to use other frames and bars and i just couldn't do it. i would keep going back to where i thought the skill was on my old bars only to see that it wasn't there.

Do you have any significant alts? Please list them with armory links if so:

I just started to play him again so his gear isn't the greatest.

Do you understand that all raid members will be on standby periodically when group composition or numbers dictate?:
Yes. I have been on standby before and it does not bother me at all.
Have you read the Trial guidelines?:

How did you hear about <Titan>?:
I saw your post on the Wow stormrage fourms and then was directed here to apply.

Tell us a little something about yourself. (For example, age, location, occupation, etc):
I'm 27, Male, and live in the US. I currently work at a Porsche of North America dealership as an automotive technician.

Do you know, by heart, the phone numbers of the 3 closest Pizza Huts in your calling area, or at least have them on speed dial? Well?! Do you?!:

haha no i do not =(

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